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Your Questions About Jaguar S Type Problems

Jenny asks…

What are the problems with jaguars?

i was thinking about buying a used 2003 jaguar Stype or X-type
what are the problems with those cars that can happen?

Doug answers:

Well, lucky you by 2003 Jaguar was owned by Ford and the majority of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and shoddy build quality problems had been purged. The likelihood of being stranded on the side of the road in a modern Jag is thousands of times less than one that was built fifteen years ago. The biggest problem you will experience with a Jag is the stupid-high replacement parts costs and maintenance fees associated with these kitties — like all thoroughbreds, they are finicky and require constant upkeep which could run into the thousands of dollars per year just for the privilege of ownership.

Linda asks…

Jaguar s type 1999 heater problem?

My jag wont stop blowing hot air !! It wont cool down the only way to stop it is to turn the fan down or off altogether.I did replace the heater controls so they seem to be ok !! any ideas any 1 ?

Doug answers:

Sounds like the hot water shut off valve has stuck in the open position .

Lizzie asks…

2001 Jaguar S-type?

Ok here’s my question. I have a 2001 jaguar stype 4.0. The problem I have is that the heater stopped working. Car has dual climate controls and has auto temp etc. The blower motor is working fine as it blows plenty of cold air. I set the temperature to 82 and nothing just cold air.
Has anyone else had this problem or know what it might be?
Thank you for any help you can provide. I know I own a jaguar but trust me I am far from rich enough to afford a Jaguar dealer.

Doug answers:

Sound like actuator not moving your mode door inside Heater/AC box.Other problem could be your heater control valve nonoperational.The dual coolant valve regulates the flow of engine coolant to each half of the heater core. Two electric solenoids, Which are individually actuated by the heater control module, are the control elements.Heater control module itself could be at fault.Hate to say that,but you’re looking make a trip to the dealer,

Sandy asks…

Problem with my S Type Jaguar?

The central locking system has gone haywire. Sometimes its okay, most of the time it unlocks then locks itself immediately. The alarm system also kicks in for no reason. Not the intruder alarm but the horn alarm. I had to drive 3 miles to work today with it sounding all the way!!

Doug answers:

, check your battery, as a dodgy battery will play haywire with your electrics. …

Steven asks…

I have a 2002 jaguar s type i have changed the gas pump and coils car wont start right away it floods?

it smells like its flooding then it starts i turn it off and turn it on again and it works fine without any problems then i let it sit for 15 minutes and i try to turn it on again and the same thing happens it wont start until i press the gas pedal a few times then it stars but it smells alot like gasoline like if it was flooded please help me out

Doug answers:

I suggest you have a mechanic look at it before you drive it any more.

New cars, as in, any car without a carburetor, do not “flood.” If you’re smelling gas in a new car, that’s not good. You could have something damaged.

I doubt it’s the throttle position sensor. That would only cause it to idle high, not cause you to smell gas.

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Your Questions About Jaguar S Type

Nancy asks…

I am thinking about buying a Jaguar S-type and i want to know if i should?

I want to know if i should because some people say that it isnt that good because of the costly parts. I am thinking of buying a Stype 2002. I want to know if that car had any recalls or defects.
I also would like to know if it is costly to fix or repair anything on it or if that is just what people say.

Doug answers:

REAL Jaguars have TWO fuel caps. What you are looking at is a FORDUAR…..

Adding AMERICAN electrics solved the reliability problem….

Those REAL jaguars top out at 120-150 MPH….

William asks…

why are the heater core hoses are not getting hot on a jaguar type s 2001 model?

the heater wont work and the heater control valve has been replaced

Doug answers:

Make sure the coolant system is full and that it is properly burped. I’m not sure if your Jaguar requires burping, but its worth looking into. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then your water pump probably isn’t flowing enough for coolant to circulate through the heater core. I’ve seen this a few times on other vehicles.

Donna asks…

what should the fuel pressure be for a 2001 jaguar s type?

my 2001 jaguar is saying its running on 5 pounds of pressure. well we all know that ain’t the truth. please help me!

Doug answers:

7 is the normal,.

Daniel asks…

How to change oil on Jaguar s type?

I have a 2005 S Type 4.2L
I need to know if I have to take off one or both of the under body Shields to access the oil filter & oil drain plug.

Doug answers:

If you have a jag ..then pay someone else to change the oil…haha

Susan asks…

How much would it cost to have a full body paint job on my 2001 Jaguar S Type?

What would you say the fee would be? An estimate would be nice or based on experience. I kinda want it sparkly black or just plain black. But not the fruity sparkly black, the cool looking one.

Doug answers:

Well depending on who you take it to and what u wanna spend you can get a decent paint job for 5 grand but if you wanna real nice one you need to spend around 10 grand or more

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