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Your Questions About Jaguar S Type 2000

Sharon asks…

What car would you rather?

well my mother is buying me a first car yer yer i know dont do this dont do that i just need your opinion not another car ok so its either the:

ford explorer an 03 model or 04
jaguar stype 2000 or up till 2002 models

what would you choose?


Doug answers:

S Type anyday!

Linda asks…

What can I do to make my Jaguar sound sporty?

I just bought a 2000 type s 3.0 and I want to give it a clean sporty sound. What would be the best route to take to get a deep sporty sound that doesn’t overdo it. Someone suggested cutting the muffler and adding muffler tips. Suggestions please.

Doug answers:

Why a Jaguar? Those had so many cheaply made parts that they cause them to break down!

You can thank the Ford Motor Company on that!

Paul asks…

how can i get my door speakers to stop rattling?

okay, i have a 2000 jaguar stype. so these arent crappy speakers. whenever i turn the music up (primarily a song with a lot of bass) the speaker starts to rattle, like a bolt is loose or something. the speakers are only 6 years old. car speakers should be able to hold for longer thasn that right? can i crack them open and fix it myself?

Doug answers:

Don’t assume your 6 year old Jaguar speakers aren’t crappy. If they are factory installed, then they aren’t very good quality to begin with.

They are easy to replace. On a difficulty scale of 1-10, I’d rate it about a 4.

Ken asks…

When I turn the air conditoner on I hear a squealing noise.?

I checked the belts on it and there good, I also put belt dressing on the belts. And it’s still making the squealing noise. What could it be? I have a 2000 Jaguar stype 3.0 v-6.

Doug answers:

The bearing in the pulley on the air conditioner is going bad.

Susan asks…

Question about a Jaguar…?

2000 JAGUAR STYPE 4.0 with 150,000 miles. Clear car fax report. Please state if you think it is a good deal (the buyer can afford all repairs)..
Haha oops… the price is $3995
Haha oops… the price is $3995
Haha oops… the price is $3995

Doug answers:

From experience, I’d have to agree with the other person who said never buy a used Jaguar. My parents have always owned Jaguars and have never had anything but problems with them. They’re gorgeous cars and drive great, but they’re very prone to problems and are super expensive to fix.

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Your Questions About Jaguar S Type 2000

Donald asks…

What is Failsafe Engine Mode? S-Type Jaguar 2000 3.0 V6?

I went on a 800 mile trip to miami which ended up being about 2000 miles. about 3/4 of my way home the car went into a Failsafe Engine Mode. The car seemed to be running fine. At times at 90 to 100 mph. It comes on and off for the entire ride now on every trip. what is the problem. Are Jags a peice of squat?
also I know it would sound like a limp mode but as far as i can tell this is like the brother to the check engine light. Limp mode is something totally different with this crappy car. Once the car went into limp mode and the performance of this car was so terrible that it should have jus stranded me.

Doug answers:

Typically when a newer vehicle goes into a failsafe (some companies call it limp-home mode) it is because the on board diagnostics system is sensing a problem with the engine operations. However, typically when a car goes into a limp mode, they make very little power, only enough to literally limp the car somewhere safe. If you have had any sort of mechanical problems recently, I would take up your issue with whomever fixed it before. Also, if you do not keep up with regular maintenance, I would check through the manual and see if there isnt some issue that jaguar feels is a “must” item to repair/replace periodically.

Did the car get bad fuel mileage? I cant believe that in a failsafe/limp mode, it would be able to go 100mph, so I wonder if you dont have an issue with the ECU triggered the light. Either way, that should be something that a OBDII scanner should be able to diagnose.

Lisa asks…

Jaguar S-type 2000, engine light on…?

About 2 weeks ago, the engine light on my car went on. It’s an orange light located on the left side of my dash, What may be wrong with it? Is it safe to drive, and could my engine possibly burn out?

Doug answers:

No it won’t burn out the engine, you can read about it here. (just make certain your oil level is okay, instructions in the owner’s manual how to do so, checking engine oil)

Your car(sorry about this) is considered old by car standards so you should get a scan tool here, ask the vendor(Yvonne, she is very nice if it will work on your car) it should and use it, it is easy, comes with instructions and is as simple as plugging in a toaster.
Costs $26

Dealerships and garages want $75 to check your engine light and since you car is getting old you will need it sooner than you think for another check engine light.

You have a nice car and if you buy a Haynes service manual for it you can take care of it and have it a long time economically. Should cost you $18 for the manual at search for “Jaguar Service Manual Haynes”

Look for a forum by googling “Jaguar forum” join and see how they operate. You can ask your questions there and get answers from fellow Jaguar owners.

Mary asks…

I have a 2000 Jaguar S type and I can not get it out of park.?

I have a 2000 Jaguar S type and I can not get it out of park. The car is running but its stuck in park. This is the first time that it has happened and i’ve tried several times trying to start it back up and put it in gear but no luck :( If you have any suggestions or if this has happened to you and you got it fixed please help!!!

Doug answers:

This is a common problem with early S-Types. The car is stuck on the parking pawl inside the transmission, you can get it out of park but you’ll need help. Do the following:

While you’re in the driver’s seat trying to shift the car out of park, have someone rock the car back and forth. By shifting the weight of the car you’ll correct the binding in the transmission and the car should shift into drive.

In the future, set the parking brake and let the car settle BEFORE you put it into park. When you go to drive it, put your foot on the brake, shift it out of park, and release the parking brake. Always.

Jaguar has an update out for this issue, but it involves pulling the transmission to install a new parking pawl set-up, which would run you $2,000-$3,000. I’d much rather set the E-brake every time, wouldn’t you?

DO NOT WRENCH ON THE SHIFTER. You are likely to break it rather than succeed in strong-arming the car out of park. The shifter mechanism is plastic and breaks easily.

Lizzie asks…

How Many catalytic converters does a 2000 Jaguar S Type have?

I have had 2 replaced and now I’m being told that 2 are missing. HELP

Doug answers:

If it has single exhaust it has only 1 cat. If it has duel exhaust it has 2 cats.

Paul asks…

How to install a Cold Air Bypass Blend Door Actuator for a 2000 jaguar s-type 3.0?

Please provide instructions in a diagram.

Doug answers:

Check the auto zone web site under repairs. This is usually pretty good.

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