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Your Questions About Jaguar S Type

John asks…

Jaguar S Type Holding back & hesitating – help!!?

Jaguar S Type holding back, hesitating on light throttle – no engine lights on. Any help please..thanks

Doug answers:

Fuel filter blocked
Coil pack going faulty
Ignition leads need replacing
Air filter blocked
Air mass volume sensor faulty/dirty

They are my top 5 possibles on that.

Daniel asks…

tappets s type jaguar?

my jag has a nose in the moter like tappets nocking ?? YEAR 2001

Doug answers:

Don’t be silly, there are no rockers, it’s overhead cam.

Yes it does have hydraulic lifters, but with the information you have provided it’s too difficult to give you an accurate explanation. If the car has been sitting they can get jammed. You can try a thicker grade of oil if you like.

Mileage? Engine size? Has the noise developed recently or has it built up over time?

Donna asks…

i cant remove the baterry from my jaguar s type any ideas? i have removed the terminals but it wont release?

Doug answers:

Theres probably something holding the battery down, have a look around the bottom of the battery and theres probably a 10mm nut holding a piece of metal down as its illegal not to have a properly secured battery.

Lizzie asks…

how to do a burnout in a jaguar s-type 4.0 …. its awd and its automatic?

it was made in 2000

Doug answers:

Who converted it to awd?
All S-Types left the factory as rwd.
Only the X-Type was awd.

Charles asks…

how to remove front door card from a jaguar s type?

Doug answers:

Eat it

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Your Questions About Jaguar S Type 2000

William asks…

I need a Car for 8K or less. could someone please help?

ok my girlfriend(ex, but im working on it) is looking for a car. she is into cadillacs n stuff like that. So basically a luxery car with 4 doors u know the works. we would like it to be a new as possible…not looking for a lexus or camry. something to the extent of a caddy type car. 2000 jaguar Stype is a thought but just looken for more options…thanx

Doug answers:

You’re going to have problems trying to find a good luxury car for 8K or less. One of the reason they are called “luxury” cars is because they are a “luxury” for those that can afford them. The best thing that I can tell you to do is try to find someone you know that has a dealers license so that you can go to a police auction.

Ruth asks…

when they are saying to change my broken plastic timing chain guides, are they?

saying to change my timing chain tentioner? or is there a guide cause i can’t find one. and what else do i have to change? I have 2000 jaguar stype The motor has only 25000 miles on it. Thanks

Doug answers:

The guides are part of the tensioners.

Jaguar engines are not ‘normal’ and do have some quirks.

They are a very hard plastic but do wear. NORMALLY it’s around 70-80,000 miles that they start to wear so badly that they need replaced unless the engine has been starved of oil at some point and extra wear has taken place….although I’ve had jags with 150k on the clock and they are perfect.

Changed them on a ’97 3.2 V8. After 2001 they switched to metal guides that don’t wear.

Stype V8’s are a pig to work on as it was a significant revision of the older XJ8 V8…they introduced VVT and a few other tweaks.

The FULL timing chain & tensioner kit is around £300 for a V8 at TRADE cost…and allow another £400-£500 for fitting. If just the tensioners – weigh up the added parts cost v’s the peace of mind.

George asks…

I replaced rear right brake light bulb checked the fuse and my brake light still doesn’t work.?

I replaced rear right brake light bulb check the fuse and my brake light still doesn’t work on my 2000 Jaguar Stype 3.0 where else sould I look for solution?

Doug answers:

I believe in the S-type Jag, there is also a relay in the fuse panel as well. Try checking that. Usually need replacing every 5-10 years.

Sandy asks…

how much does it cost to get a freon put in my car?

I have a 2000 s type jaguar

Doug answers:

It’s really not freon, it’s 134a. You can buy a can with a charge hose for around 30 bucks at any auto part store.

Maria asks…

Throttle Control Unit Modulated Command Malfunction?

I am receiving a computer code of P1587 Throttle Control Unit Modulated Command Malfunction on my 2000 S type Jaguar.
Does anyone know what exactly what Throttle Control Unit Modulated Command Malfunction means. Thank you!

Doug answers:

Not an expert, but it could mean there is a problem with the control signal being sent to the throttle control unit. Your car probably has an electronic throttle (a motor controls it instead of a cable to the gas pedal). I don’t know if this code means signal problems from the computer to the throttle unit or if it means a problem with the gas pedal signal. You might have to replace any of the following: the gas pedal, the throttle body, throttle body harness, or possibly the computer itself. I would hook up a scan tool and confirm there is a good, smooth signal from the gas pedal. I would also take the throttle body off, clean it, and check the servo gearing (sometimes the gears wear out). It should open and close smoothly by hand (there will be resistance though).

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Your Questions About Jaguar S Type Problems

Carol asks…

2002 Jaguar X- Type problems?

I recently purchased a 2002 Jag X- Type 2.5, and since day 1 it has been giving me problems. A day after I bought the car it died on me twice while driving; in traffic on top of that! Well I take it back to the dealership and they have it diagnosed and tell me it’s the throttle body that needs to be replaced. So they replace it and i’m thinking that’s that. A couple days later the check engine light comes on and it doesn’t want to rev past 3000 rpm? I have it diagnosed and they tell me it’s a PO code 171 or system too lean? What in the world is that, the mechanic told me it could be Various things, air fuel mixture too low, a leak in hose, ETC? There’s more! My steering wheel makes a weird noise when I turn it… sometimes. The steering effort seems a bit hard and my tyranny makes a clicking sound sometimes when I stop and go? I am so confused as to what all this nonsense means. I think I bought a lemon=( Any suggestions or ideas anyone? Any insight will help, THANKS.

Doug answers:

If the lean fuel indicator come out after the throttle body being changed, then it’s the problem. The flap on the throttle body is adjustable, the problem might the adjutment is too open, such as adjustment for a hot region with a rare oxygen structure in the air. The fuel is injected by the calculation of flap position and gear, if the flap is opener then your region setting, the fuel will always too lean. It’s impossible to say a leak in hose, what a dealer is that? In injection system, the engine will shut down automaticly if there is a leak in the air system by error ECU reading cause by different value of passing air at the filter and throttle body. If the leak is on fuel system, you will smell the fuel. To weird steering, please check the tie rod and tie rod end by lift the car and hear a metal contact sound when you shake the wheel horizontally. Or it might the power steering hose has contact with the Jaguar body, even a low fluid can make the sound. Just do a filters change followed by the fluid.

Mark asks…

jaguar x-type gearbox problems?

I have a jaguar x-type 3.0 it has done 28,000 miles it’s had 3 clutches and 2 gearboxes, talk about a problem car I wish I had written it off, rather than chuck money down the drain running an unreliable pile of crap.

Doug answers:

Billy Bob 3 clutches 2 gear boxs points to pilot error in 28,000 miles.

Maria asks…

2002 Jaguar x type fuel problems?

My car ran out of gas, it sat a couple of months before i put gas in it. When i tried to start it after i put gas it tries to crank but wont hit. If i spray starter fluid directly in to it it will turn over. It’s not the fuel pump switch. I went over all possibilities. It started perfectly and ran great before it ran out of gas.

Doug answers:

A couple of things to consider:

When you ran out of gas it’s quite possible that some debris got sucked into your fuel line and may have clogged the fuel filter.

The problem could also be that the fuel rail on top of the engine needs to be bled to get all the air out of the fuel line so it can travel into the injectors.

There will be a schraeder valve (Looks like a bicycle tire valve) on the fuel rail. Just depress the valve stem and the air should bleed out of the line.

You may need to crank the engine over before doing this to repressurize the fuel rail.

Betty asks…

2001 Jaguar S type transmission problems?

I am currently deployed to Iraq and my girlfriend is having problems with her transmission. It is running the RPM’s up pretty high and not shifting smothly as a result. This is not happening on every shift but about 3 or 4 times a day throughout the drive to and from work. The shop she took it to says that she needs a new transmission. If they just change out the fluid it will rot the seals and will kill the transmission in a matter of days. This sounds pretty suspect to me because I know I have had cars that are just low on, or had water in the fluid and had similar problems. Can anyone confirm that changing the fluid and filter would actually be bad for a vehicle. Has anyone experienced problems with this car and not needed a new transmission or been in a similar circumstance. Thank you for your time and your responses. Semer Fi

Doug answers:

Most vehicles are recommended a transmission service between 80k and 100k, depending on driving conditions. There is a product called Lucas transmission additive, it’s about 10 bucks. Add it to the transmission fluid already in the vehicle and take it for a drive. With in 15 minutes, it will be shifting better. Another thing that I see happen alot, is driving in overdrive when in town under 50mph. The overdrive transmission is designed for speeds over 50, but can engage at speeds around 40. This creates slippage in the transmission, requiring a higher rpm to re-engage. Hope this helps, soldier. Keep up the good work and stay safe. Christopher

Ken asks…

Problems with a jaguar x type 2001 model?

The engine management light has came on in the car which is the 2.5litre v6 engine. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious fault mechanically although the breaks are clearly worn and need replacing. Has anyone ever experienced the same problem? RAC reckon it could be an engine control module but as i say, there’s no obvious mechanical problems

Doug answers:

Get it on a computer. It may be the ECU or could simply be a sensor.. If its driving ok, try not to worry too much, but it may go into limp mode at some point.. Best try diagnostic first

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